by Brian Stechschulte... Jun 26, 2013

thirstybear_100x100ThirstyBear Brewing Company is celebrating a delicious milestone this week with their latest barrel-aged release called “Stave Series #10 – Charbay Stave.” Here’s how the project evolved according to brewmaster Brenden Dobel:

“When we age beer in wooden barrels we call it a ‘Stave Series,’ a stave being a plank of wood that makes up the body of a barrel. I prefer to work with local distilleries and wineries when sourcing barrels. In this case I contacted Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic from Charbay Distilling in Ukiah.”


(Dobel at Charbay Distillery)

“About two or three years ago he double distilled Bear Republics Black Bear Stout in his copper, direct fire Alambic Charentais Pot Still, and then aged the spirit in French Oak chardonnay barrels to produce ‘Hop Flavored Whiskey S’ (99*Proof). Once bottled and emptied, he gave me some barrels in which I’ve been aging our Kozlov Stout in (to keep the stout theme going) for one year.”


(Dobel sampling the beer to check it’s progress.)

“This in turn will be blended with a small portion of fresh ‘Stock Ale’ (8.2% abv) specifically brewed to complement the flavors that have developed in the barrels by selecting appropriate malts and hops. This also helps carbonate the beer and aids in drinkability.”

Only 2 barrels of the Charbay Stave beer were produced and the supply won’t last long. ThirstyBear will also be offering a beer & snifter special for a limited time, so you can try the beer alongside a glass of Hop Flavored Whiskey S. Head over to ThirstyBear Brewing to taste the results of this special project.