Barebottle Brewing Co.

Barebottle is a San Francisco-inspired, competition-based, production craft brewery and tap room in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. We draw inspiration from local ingredients/places/culture, and use a competitive model to bring that to life in an innovative and unique way.

Over many years of entering and judging beer competitions, we noticed a simple, but largely unrecognized insight: some of the best, most innovative beers in America are being brewed by homebrewers. In almost every competition we judged, the award-winning homebrewed beers were more inventive and daring than the majority of commercially available beers on the market. That insight, along with an enduring passion for the craft of beer making, led us to create the Barebottle. The name barebottle is an homage to the experience of homebrewers who search for bare bottles to package their brews in bottles free from markings. Our own bottles will have peel-off labels so that homebrewers can clean and reuse the bottles for their own beers.

At any one time, we will have 10-20 beers on draft in our tap room, categorized into three sections: (1) Competition Winners, (2) Current Competitions, and (3) Experiments. You can sample some of our previous competition winners, taste and vote for our current competition in process, and also sample some new beer creations that we’re playing with. Our goal is to continually push the limits of creativity and use ingredients and ideas from our surrounding area in fun and innovative ways. Please stop by for a pint, a tour, an experience. Email with questions or more information.

1525 Cortland Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ph: (415) 926-8617
Tue-Fri: 3-10pm
Sat: noon-10pm
Sun: noon-8pm