Black Sands Brewery

What is Black Sands?

Black Sands is a brewery. We make our own beer. We make all of our beer at our location at 701 Haight Street. We serve our house made beer at our bar in the same location, as well as a few guest beers from breweries we love. We are also a full service restaurant from breakfast to dinner. We make great beer that is available all the time. To compliment the beer we have great food as well. We serve coffee and breakfast in the morning and cocktails and dinner at night.

What makes Black Sands different?

As a brewery, we are focused on beer and education. Beer is getting complicated these days, and we don’t think it has to be. We make our own beer, serve it at our bar, and give the recipes away to homebrewers. If you want to know about our beer, we will literally hand you the recipe. We also operate a homebrew supply store right next to our brewery where you can get all the ingredients and equipment to make our recipes at home yourself. We even teach brewing classes to anyone who wants to get into the hobby of homebrewing.

Teaching / Education / Brewing Community

As homebrewers for 10 years before we opened Black Sands, brewing to us was always about learning, getting better at our craft and having fun doing it. It was our hobby and passion. We want to always maintain that spirit at Black Sands and it’s why we decided to focus on education and transparency around our beer and brewery. Our homebrew supply store has all of our house recipes available for home brewers to try themselves. We help people get the ingredients they need, teach them better techniques and are always available to talk about beer and the process of making it. We teach classes right out of our brewery once a month to anyone interested in learning, and we have instructions and a whole learn section on our website to help people get started into the most rewarding hobby there is: homebrewing.

701 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Ph: 415.534.5194
Cafe / Breakfast: 8am – 2pm
Lunch: 11am – 2pm
Brewery & Bar: 5pm – Midnight
Kitchen: 6pm -11pm