Ferment. Drink. Repeat

Ferment.Drink.Repeat was born out of our desire to build community around small batch craft beer.

Our mission is to create an inviting, community-focused brewery and tap room serving innovative, exciting, top-quality handcrafted beers to the beer lovers of the city. We have 10 rotating taps and our beers feature variety across a wide range of Belgian, German, English, and American styles. We like to brew classic beers “to style” but also enjoy experimenting and showcasing the differences that seemingly slight ingredient changes can make in a beer.

Our beer drinking philosophy is as such: Beer snobs need not saddle up to our tap room bar unless they drop all pretension. We want everyone who enters our place to feel comfortable; whether it’s someone who is a super beer geek or someone who knows nothing beyond macro brewed beer. We see our place as a community gathering spot with no intimidation. Don’t know much about a saison or stout? Maybe you’ve never heard of the beer styles saison or stout. That’s ok, just ask and we are happy to non-judgmentally answer any questions you may have and serve you a beer that you can enjoy. We don’t subscribe to the “best beer in the world” theory. In our opinion, the best beer in the world is the one you are currently drinking, in good company, making lasting memories!

We also seek to provide unparalleled customer service and selection as the premier Homebrew Supply Shop in San Francisco and look forward to fostering collaborative endeavors across the amateur and professional brewing spectrum. In highlighting the ingredients used in producing our beers, we seek to help educate homebrewers on how they might desire to use those same ingredients in their own brewing endeavors. We make our recipes available as well, so anyone with a desire to brew their own can try to replicate our beers themselves.

2636 San Bruno Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94134
Ph: (415) 825-5657
Mon-Thu - 3-10pm
Fri-Sat - 3-11pm
Sun - 12-9pm