Pine Street Brewery

When asked, “Why we started brewing?” The common response back in 2009 was, “We like arts and crafts”. The brewing began in a small apartment kitchen on Pine St. in San Francisco on a stove that could hardly generate a boil. During the first night, it became apparent that we could create the beer that we wanted to drink and the collective that became Pine Street Brewery (PSB) was born. That was goal from the first night of brewing—it was love at first smell.

Pine Street Brewery moved into the historic Bourne Mansion in Pacific Heights during the Spring of 2010 and called this home until the Fall of 2011. Regular weekly brewing led to lots of experimentation and ten recipes that have become part of the core beer list. During “Brew Nights,” friends were made, a community was fostered and a brand was started.

Pine Street Brewery was designed so that our products would be available for many different palates in many different communities. There is a unique Pine Street in almost every area. We intend for our beer, interpretations of classic styles, to unite people across the US, one beer at a time.

Our philosophy is to provide a celebration through ales and togetherness. We are active in the community through volunteer work and partnerships with local charities.

Pine Street Brewery is looking for a permanent home. We are actively seeking a location that will be able to provide sufficient production space and provide a positive atmosphere for a taproom that will provide home away from home for community members.

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