Pizza Orgasmica & Brewing Co.

Once, there was a successful pizza restaurant owner in San Francisco.  He had come a very long way from his home in a small town in central Brazil and made his dream of opening a place to create and serve his Orgasmica® Pizza a reality.  He met and married a wonderful woman and together they opened a second, far larger restaurant.  Still, there was something missing.  “What goes best with pizza?” he thought.  “Beer!”  Well, what would go best with Orgasmica® Pizza?  Orgasmica® Beer of course!

Thus began the second part of the dream: creating and brewing an aphrodisiac beer to go along with their delicious pizzas.  But how could it be done?  Commercial brewing systems are very big and very, very expensive, and, although he knew he loved to drink beer, he and his wife did not know how to make it!  They knew that they would need help to make this part of their dream come true, so they turned to the local home brew supply store right up the road.  “You want to do what??  Brew beer with Viagra in it??” the owner asked.  Patiently they explained, “No, we want a delicious naturally aphrodisiac beer to go with our food!”  Well, the employee working in the shop that fateful afternoon took it as a challenge to create a beer equal to the restaurateurs’ expectations and desires.  Test batches were made, but they were not up to the level of excellence that was required to be served.  Recipes were tweaked, and the next test brews came out delicious!  Now, all that was needed was a place to make them in big enough quantities to serve a growing pizza empire.

By this point, the owner of the shop (who knew good beer when he tasted it!) was on board.  He knew of a local brewery with extra production capacity, and thus the Pizza Orgasmica & Brewing Company was born.  The first two beers, Orgasmica Peach Pale Ale and Orgasmica Raspberry Hefeweizen first went on tap in August of 2004.  They were soon joined by Orgasmica IPA, Golden Ale, Amber Ale and Porter.  Now, with the addition of a third restaurant at which to serve the fine libations, along with the desire to further expand the selection of beers they made, they knew they needed to take yet another leap: they needed their own brewery!

After much time spent searching for both locations and equipment, something finally came up: A closed brew pub and restaurant just over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Rafael.  Preparing the newest location to be a true Orgasmica® restaurant took longer than anybody ever imagined, but finally in January 2011 the Orgasmica Brewery started operation, and on February 2 that year the Marin Orgasmica location opened to the public.  Now brewing 12 different beers for 5 restaurants, the award-winning Pizza Orgasmica & Brewing Company proudly serves their wares in both San Francisco and Marin and at beer festivals all over the Bay Area.

3157 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94123
Ph: (415) 931-5300
Mon-Wed 5pm - 11pm
Thu 5pm - 1am
Fri-Sat 11am - 2am
Sun 11am - 11pm