San Francisco Brewing Co.

San Francisco Brewing Co. was established in 2012 by founder and beer enthusiast, Josh Leavy. His love for craft brewing began in college when he shadowed a microbrewery for a class project. The passion, dedication, and spirit that the brewers demonstrated while making their craft was inspiring.

After settling back into his hometown of San Francisco, the desire for brewing never subsided. It originated on the stovetop of his kitchen, formulating different recipes and quickly transformed into creating a massive brew tower (welding the pieces together himself!) in order to create larger more complex beers.

Surprisingly, the tower made its way to every tiny apartment he moved within the City and allowed him to brew for many special events and celebrations for family and friends.

Now on an even larger scale, San Francisco Brewing Co. is dedicated to creating delicious and easy to drink beer that brings people together to celebrate their special moments. Whether its meeting friends for a weekend catch-up session or commemorating a big event, San Francisco Brewing wants to be a part of those celebrations as it has been for its close family and friends for years.

SFBC has two beers in production – Alcatraz Amber and Marina Honey Blonde, which you can find in many bars and restaurants throughout San Francisco. To find the most recent locations, upcoming events, and new seasonal beers, please visit our website

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