Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery

Seven Stills both brews craft beers and distills whiskeys from craft beer. We offer side-by-side tastings of the whiskeys next to the beers they are distilled from at our new taproom in the Bayview.

Our philosophy is that better quality in equals better quality out. This applies to both using high quality craft beers to distill our whiskeys, as well as using high quality specialty malts, hops and adjuncts to brew our beers.

Additionally, we have begun a barrel aged beer program called Beerception in which we are aging a beer in a whiskey barrel that was distilled from that same beer (it’s a beer within a beer within a beer). These will be available exclusively from the taproom for the immediate future.

1439 Egbert Ave., Unit C
San Francisco, CA 94124
Ph: (855) 594-4753
Thu-Fri - 3:30-10pm
Sat - 12-10pm
Sun 12-8pm