Sunset Reservoir Brewing Co.

Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company is located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.

The brewery is a place for neighborhood locals to come in and enjoy quality beer and food. We utilize local ingredients to create an array of seasonally based house made dishes. There is no exception for the brews either. Fresh San Francisco water that has been charcoal filtered with brewing salts make a unique water chemistry you will only find here at Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company. The addition of citric acid allows for a pH adjustment in the mash ensuring the success of the starch conversion. It also adds a hint of tartness to the beer. We use Apollo, Northern Brewer, Saaz, Sterling, Crystal, and Amarillo hops. Using a blend of only these six hops produces a product that is distinct to the SRBC. When selecting yeast, we opted for W’Yeast’s1728 Scottish Ale Yeast, similar to Cali Ale Yeast, a local favorite. The beer has a dry finish, but unlike Cali Ale Yeast, it leaves a malty flavor allowing for a more balanced beer. Perfect for both locals and beer nerds alike! Additionally, the yeast has a vast fermentation range, 55-75°F, giving us the ability to brew all styles of beer with a distinct SRBC flare. We are quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite and look forward to seeing what the future holds as we grow and establish ourselves here in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco.

1735 Noriega Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
Ph: (415) 571-8452
Mon-Thurs: Noon-10pm
Fri-Sat: Noon-11pm
Sun: 11am-9pm