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SF Beer Week Returns: Save the Date, Host an Event or Become a Sponsor

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The countdown begins! In eighty-five days thousands of people will relish the history, artistry, and above all, the tremendous flavor of craft beer in hundreds of venues across the Bay Area, during the 5th edition of SF Beer Week, from February 8-17, 2013. It’s hard to believe that what began in 2009, as the second event of it’s kind, with over fifty parties strung together by the San Francisco Brewers Guild, has exploded into over 325 events and beer fans travel from around the World to attend. It’s one of the more highly regarded craft beer celebrations and now serves as a model for the 80+ beer weeks that take place in every corner of this country.

SF Beer Week will commence at the Opening Celebration on Friday, February 8, 2013, inside the East Hall of the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco. Over 65 breweries from Northern California will be serving some of their most sought after beer to 2,500 attendees, who can mingle with brewers and try their latest hop-jammed IPA’s, barrel-aged wonders, and mouth-puckering sour beers that have defined craft beer, shaped it’s culture, and established California’s reputation as a leader in the industry. During the event, attendees will also get to sample some of the finest artisan food made in San Francisco while listening to live music. Tickets will go on sale in December.

After the Opening Celebration, the remaining nine days of SF Beer Week are stuffed with events throughout the Bay Area. Beer dinners, homebrewing demos and meet the brewer nights are just a small sampling of what you can expect. SF Beer Week is a time when venues step up their game and host exceptional events that attract beer geeks, new customers and even manage to convert a few folks to the pleasure of craft beer. Do you run a bar, restaurant or brewery and want to host an event? Check out our guide on the SF Beer Week website and start planning early. Venues run out of time slots and brewery schedules get booked. Also, the earlier your event is submitted to the SF Beer week website, the more people will see it. If you’re a beer fan and want more events in your neighborhood, tell your local bars and restaurants to participate. The SF Beer Week event portal will be accepting submissions very soon. The first batch of events will go live on December 7th.

Become a sponsor of SF Beer Week! We’ve managed to keep the ball rolling and getting bigger each year thanks to the enthusiasm of beer fans and the generosity of our sponsors. SF Beer Week is organized and supported by members of the San Francisco Brewers Guild, fellow Bay Area breweries, industry trade partners, bars, restaurants and members of the media. They help us pay for the marketing, website, print media, Opening Celebration and all the other bells and whistles that make SF Beer Week such a great event. In return, we make sure their brand gets the attention and credit it deserves for being such a valued and supportive member of the craft beer community. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, SF Beer Week offers several different packages forbusinesses and media organizations to consider, which can be found on our website’s homepage. Thousands of beer week enthusiasts will acknowledge your contribution on our website, at the events, in print and on our social media networks. Lend a hand and help us foster the growing movement of local and independent brewers, and the venues that support them.

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Guild Brewers Collaborate on Brew for SF Beer Week 2012

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Last Friday members of the San Francisco Brewers Guild gathered for an early morning brew day at Speakeasy Ales & Lagers. Every year they collaborate on a special beer that’s served around the city during SF Beer Week. They fine tune the recipe, contribute ingredients and lend a hand with brewing activities while talking shop. In 2011 they brewed an Imperial Common, a tasty high alcohol variation on San Francisco’s native beer style. This year they’ve decided to create an SF Strong Ale.

The brew day kicked off in the wee hours of the morning at 5:30am. That’s when the first mash-in took place. Speakeasy head brewer Kushal Hall didn’t expect much company. After all, it’s not a typical start time for him and apparently most of the other brewers, who started to stroll in around 7:30. Hall did get one very early surprise visit though. Anchor Brewing’s long time head brewer Mark Carpenter paid him a visit en route to work.

Anchor Brewing joined the Guild in 2011 and their participation in this collaborative brew day was highly anticipated. Earlier in the month, as the SF Strong Ale recipe was taking shape, Anchor offered the use of its ale yeast. This kind of thing doesn’t happen every day. In fact, according to Anchor brewer Kevin West, he’s never seen yeast leave the brewery in his 18 years at the company. It’s safe to say that this was the first “official release” of the yeast and the gesture’s significance wasn’t lost on any of the attending brewers.

Anchor ale yeast

West brought over the ale yeast in two old-fashioned milk jugs that were acquired from the distillery. Once the first batch of beer was transferred from the kettle to the fermentor, the yeast was pitched onto the malt born sugars to feast. Hall had to hoist the jug to the top of the fermentor and dump it through the open hatch, which was a bit of a dicey move, but he safely returned to the ground.

Kushal Hall pouring the yeast with help from Kevin West

A second mash-in occurred around 11:00am, which should top off the total quantity of SF Strong Ale somewhere around 20 barrels. By now you’re probably curious about what went into the brew. The malt bill consisted of Maris Otter, Weyerman Organic Munich II, Weyerman Dark Wheat, Weyerman Carafa and Castle Biscuit. The Guild would like to thank Brewers Supply Group for donating the Maris Otter. As for the hops, Warrior was thrown into the kettle, while Cascade and Chinook will go into the dry hop session. Sound good?

Kevin West mashing out

The brew day started to wrap up around 1:00pm. Speakeasy’s Firkin Friday was taking place later that day and some of the brewers had their own work to do. The SF Strong Ale is now slowly and comfortably taking shape at a pleasant 80 degrees. You can get your first taste of it at the SF Beer Week Opening Celebration and then it will pop up at bars and breweries the rest of that week. Stay tuned for details and hints.

You should also know that we’ve decided to partner with Untappd on a SF Strong Ale badge that you can earn from February 10-19. All you’ll have to do is find it on tap, check-into it and you’ve earned the badge. More details will be available in the coming weeks.

Spent grain / All Photos © Brian Stechschulte