by Brian Stechschulte... May 20, 2013


Last Thursday Magnolia received its first batch of equipment for their new brewery in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. The fermentors and brite tanks made a cross-country road trip aboard two eighteen wheelers from Craftwerk Brewing Systems in Michigan. The first driver arrived at 6:00am and the rigging company started carefully unloading them. The remaining equipment will arrive later this month, and if all goes as planned (fingers crossed), Magnolia hopes to brew their first batch in mid to late June.


All the brewing equipment will be placed on top of the red epoxy floor.

Magnolia---New-Equipment-3 Magnolia---New-Equipment-4 Magnolia---New-Equipment-5

After placing the tanks on heavy duty furniture dollies, it only took 8 people to ease them down the ramp and push them into place.


Interior design coffee break.

Magnolia---New-Equipment-7 Magnolia---New-Equipment-8 Magnolia---New-Equipment-9 Magnolia---New-Equipment-10 Magnolia---New-Equipment-11

Once the tanks were in place, the rigging company drove their crane into the building and started hoisting them upright.


The first brite tank being set precisely in place.

Magnolia---New-Equipment-15 Magnolia---New-Equipment-18

The last fermenter required a team effort of heavy lifting!

Photos © Brian Stechschulte