by Brian Stechschulte... Jul 26, 2013

Last night a few of our members had the pleasure of serving and talking about beer at the California Academy of Sciences. The Science of Brewing Nightlife featured local beer in the African Hall, a yeast demo presented by Gigayeast and UCSF, SF Brewcraft manned a homebrewing info table, and several brewers gave presentations. Add all of that to a spectacular setting, watching fish cruise the aquarium and butterflies in the rainforest, made for a wonderful evening.

Here are a few highlights:


In the African Hall guests could purchase beer by 21st Amendment Brewery, Almanac Beer, Anchor Brewing Company, Calicraft Brewing Company, Drake’s Brewing, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Mad River Brewing Company, MateVeza, Pacific Brewing Laboratory, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers and Triple Voodoo Brewing.


Kim Sturdavant, brewmaster at Social Kitchen & Brewery, talked about the privilege of using ingredients from around the World, how well they travel, and the array of flavors he has at his fingertips. He also discussed how hops are affected by terroir, the major growing regions, and how barley and other grains are utilized in brewing. Lastly, he stressed the importance of using local ingredients when available, and drinking local beer.


Jesse Friedman, co-owner of Almanac Beer, talked about how he works with local farmers and sources ingredients for each beer. He described some of the challenges, like painstakingly picking green coriander for their Flowering Gose, but also the joy of working with local manufacturers and fresh ingredients.


Sturdavant and Friedman answering questions about their beer, process, ingredients, and homebrewing.


Mark Carpenter, brewmaster at Anchor Brewing for 40+ years, and Jason McKibben, their brewery production manager, talked about their relationship to science and brewing. They also walked attendees through some of Anchor Brewing’s illustrious history.


Mark Carpenter


The yeast demo presented by Gigayeast and UCSF allowed attendees to get up close and personal with the microorganisms that provide flavor and alcohol to beer. Representatives also stood by to answer questions.

Photos © Brian Stechschulte