by Brian Stechschulte... Jun 3, 2013


Brewers find inspiration in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Sometimes they fall in love with an obscure style, offbeat spice, or respond to a challenge. A new collaboration beer created by Kim Sturdavant of Social Kitchen & Brewery and Phil Cutti of Southpaw BBQ falls into the latter category. Their recipe had to incorporate 75 ingredients, not one more or less.

If you’re not familiar with a typical beer recipe, using 75 ingredients is quite unusual. Although there are many varieties of hops, grain, and different types of yeast, most brewers employ just a handful to achieve their desired result. The flavor possibilities are even more profound if they include adjuncts like fruit, sugar or rice, just to name a few. Basically, the options are seemingly infinite.

So why did Sturdavant and Cutti choose 75 ingredients? Well, the number didn’t appear in a dream or in a crystal ball. The answer is less sexy, but still meaningful, and represents a lot of hard work outside the brewery. Both Social Kitchen and Southpaw BBQ hold a type 75 license, which allows them to make and sell beer in the state.

Before any California brewer can make beer with the purpose of selling it, they must acquire a license. There are different types defined by number, that carry varying conditions, rights, and privileges, which can be complex to navigate. Alcohol is a highly regulated product, beyond just the age requirement for consumption.

Sturdavant and Cutti have only been working at their respective breweries for over a year. When they weren’t making beer, they were often educating one another about the type 75 license. During one of those discussions they decided to use the number as a catalyst for creativity, and The Seventy Five ale idea was born.

First they came up with the overall flavor concept, then checked their inventory for ingredients, and then tracked down what they needed. San Francisco Brewcraft, a homebrewing shop in the Richmond District, was very helpful. Sturdavant spent a tedious hour and a half there weighing out all the small grain and hop additions.

Once all the ingredients were acquired, they made the beer at Social Kitchen & Brewery and it went on tap there last Friday. Head on over and give it a try. Although both brewers are pleased with the results, don’t expect it to be made again.

Here’s the full recipe and list of ingredients:


The Seventy-Five

Belgian Speciality Ale

10BBL Batch brewed at Social Kitchen in Collaboration with Southpaw BBQ



H20 treatment; Gypsum & Epsom Salt

Yeast Nutrient

Yeast; Duvel Strain


= 5 ingredients


Base Grain:

(75% of grist = 660 lbs)

Weyermann Pils 110 lbs

Weyermann Bo’ Pils 110 lbs

Schill Pils 110 lbs

Simpson M/O 55 lbs

Simpson G/P 55 lbs

Crisp Glenn Eagle M/O 110 lbs

Castle Pale Ale 110 lbs

=7 ingredients


Roasted Grain:

(1% of grist = 10 lbs)

Pale Chocolate 2 lbs

Simpson Black 2 lbs

Carafa, II 2 lbs

Carafa III 2 lbs

Midnight Wheat 2lbs

=5 ingredients


Dark Crystal Grain:

(3% of grist = 25 lbs)

Simspon 50-60 5 lbs

Simpson 75-85 5 lbs

Domestic 50-60 5 lbs

Domestic 80-90 5 lbs

Special B 5 lbs

=5 ingredients


Pale Crystal/Caramalt Grain:

(5% of grist = 40 lbs)

Fawcett Pale Crystal 5 lbs

Simpson 30-37 5 lbs

Castle Cararuby 5 lbs

Biscuit 5 lbs

Weyermann Caramunich 5 lbs

Weyermann Caravienna 3 lbs

Simpson 10-15 3 lbs

Domestic Caramalt 3 lbs

Domestic Pale Crystal 3 lbs

Domestic Medium Crystal 3 lbs

= 10 ingredients


Munich/Vienna Grain:

(5% of grist = 40 lbs)

Weyermann Munich 3 lbs

Schill Munich 3 lbs

Domestic Munich 3 lbs

Weyermann Vienna 3 lbs

Schill Vienna 22 lbs

Domestic Vienna 3 lbs

Victory Roast 3 lbs

= 7 ingredients



(10% of grist = 90 lbs)

Gambrinus Wheat 20 lbs

Rahr Wheat 3 lbs

Unmalted Wheat 3 lbs

Crisp torrified Wheat 20 lbs

Red Wheat 3 lbs

Flaked Wheat 3 lbs

Weyermann Rye 3 lbs

Rye Flakes 10 lbs

Crystal Rye 3 lbs

Crisp Rye Malt 3 lbs

Flaked Oats 3 lbs

Corn Flakes 3 lbs

Flaked Barley 3 lbs

Rice Flakes 3 lbs

Golden Naked Oats 10 lbs

=15 ingredients



Dextrose 5 lbs

Belgian Light Candy Syrup 1 lb

Belgian Amber Candy Syrup 1b

Belgian Dark Candy Sugar 1 lb

= 4 ingredients



(bittering addition – 20 bus)







(15/end addition)

Horizon 1 lb

Triskal 1 lb


(whirlpool addition)

Wakatu 1 lb

Styrian 1 lb

Green Bullet 1 lb

Calypso 1 lb

Liberty 1 lb

Mt. Hood 1 lb

Tettnanger 1 lb

Mittelfrue 1 lb

Falconer’s Flight 1 lb

Strisslespalt 1 lb

=17 ingredients